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Quality is the life of the company

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In today's rapid development of the market economy, competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce, and product quality is the life of the enterprise. If any enterprise wants to survive and develop, it is necessary to do everything possible to improve product quality, continuously innovate and surpass other brands, and pursue higher goals. Just yesterday, Square's mattress machine carried out a meeting on production quality, strengthened organizational security, and paid close attention to the implementation of responsibility, and steadily promoted quality improvement.


                                                                         Director Mr. Xu and Mr,wang to make the announcement

 At the meeting, Mr. Xu and Mr. Wang, the directors of Square's mattress machine, explained the importance of product quality. Today's achievements do not represent tomorrow, and strive to do a good job for the present, for the sake of tomorrow.

   Square mattress machine has a department called inspection department, which is mainly responsible for testing the quality of the company's products. The person in charge of the inspection department said that in the future work, they will certainly do a good job and if they have difficulty andproblems. Timely reporting, timely communication, don't secretly solve it because you are afraid of taking responsibility.


                                                                           the heads of various department  to make the statements

At the meeting, the heads of various departments also made their statements and made comments and suggestions. The quality is no small matter. Although it is only a meeting, for enterprises and employees, every day is quality, and every month is quality month. . Let us start from scratch and work together for the development of Square mattress machinery!

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