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Simple is the best ( mattress air table VS conveyor table)

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One of our customers give us such a machine picture to see if we can help him to customize the table for him.

conveyor table

and according to our experience, maybe a mattress flanging machine with a conveyor table  is not the best choice. although the conveyor table solve the problem of synchronozing the right-hand panel sewing speed with the left-hand panel moving speed, it does not solve the problem that heavy material is still very difficult to move on the conveyor table due to the big friction force between mattress fabric and the table.  

so the perfect solution is an air conveyor table. but an air conveyor table is very expensive, and complex in technology.  we, chinese mattress manufacturers prefer a quick and dirty way: this is to use an air table while doing the mattress flanging.  the mattress air table is also called mattress floatation table, it can emit air from the table to make the mattress panel fabric float in the air so that it can make the fabric move on the table with zero friction forces.  it is very convenient and low in cost, and it is widely used by most of chinese mattress makers.

The above comparison is on theory.  below video is comparison on working.

mattress flanging machine with air table

tape binding machine with conveyor table

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