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Sponge foaming process by foaming machine

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Today we will discuss the sponge foaming process by a sponge/foam foaming machines.

  Small scale production of block type soft foam usually adopts a box foaming process, which is a gap production process. This foaming method was developed on the basis of manual foaming in the laboratory.

After the reaction materials are mixed, they are poured into a mechanical mold made of wood or metal, which is called "box foaming". The box-foamed mold (box) may be rectangular or cylindrical. In order to prevent the foam block from forming an arched round top, a floating cover plate may be arranged on the upper part of the foaming box, and the cover plate is closely attached to the top of the foam body when foaming, and gradually moves upward as the foam rises.


  The main equipment of sponge foaming machine includes: 1 electronically controlled mechanical agitator, mixing barrel; 2 mould (box); 3 weighing tools, such as scales, measuring cups, glass syringes, etc.; 4 a stopwatch to control the mixing time. During production, a small amount of release agent should be applied to the inner wall of the box to make the foam easy to escape.

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