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Summer maintenance for automatic mattress tape edge machine - to understand these points first [Square]

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Some customers think that the maintenance for automatic mattress tape edge machine is the same throughout the year. Actually, it is not. Because of temperature, many parts should be treated differently than winter. What are the specific points? What should I pay attention to it when using? The following we will bring you to discuss together, we must first understand these points when maintaining the automatic mattress tape edge machine in summer.


 Compared with the cold weather in winter, the warm summer climate may cause the viscosity of the conveyor belt to increase, which increases the frictional resistance between the mattress and the conveyor belt, which makes the corners turning very difficult. At this time, a little silicone oil or talcum powder should be sprinkled on the surface of the conveyor belt. To reduce the resistance.


 After the end of the automatic tape edge machine, the machine head shall be lubricated in time. This has been said many times, but every time someone asks for customer service because it is not lubricated in time, it always feels that the sewing is not smooth, or the use is uncomfortable, and the lubricant is added. Not the same as before. The answer is no, usually in time to lubricate, in order to use the smoother.


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