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The 27th Mattress Raw and Auxiliary Material and Equipment Fair

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The 27th mattress raw and auxiliary material and mattress equipment fair (the annual meeting of CNFA),which is organized by china national furniture association and hosted by Healthcare Co., Ltd (stock code: 603313) is solemnly held in Rugao City, Jiangsu Province on May 12, 2017.

As an annual industry event, This annual meeting have four main issues:

1.     Pooling industry elite, focusing on intelligent manufacturing

In the industry 4.0 wave, more and more enterprises step into the ranks of intelligent manufacturing.The annual meeting will be closely linked to the trend of "smart manufacturing health in the future" as the theme, invited Chinese furniture association vice chairman and secretary general, Mr. Bingbing Zhang, and Mr. Zhang geng ni (chairman of Healthcare Co., Ltd), and other industries elites to have a live discussion about the latest developments of themattress industry.


 2.  Raw and auxiliary material fair which will drive product upgrades

 The quality of raw materials directly determines the quality of the product. However, in recent years, many companies are subject to the pressure of rising cost of raw materials.

In order to solve this problem, This annual meeting also prepared the raw materials and equipment fair, which is a direct docking plateform for the exhibitors , to provide interactive business exchanges among them, thus to create a new pattern of upstream and downstream linkage to help product innovation and upgrading.

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3. Visit Health care Co.’s plant, experience the intelligent workshop

During the annual meeting, Health care co. will also invite participants to visit their own factory workshop, personally experience the first intelligent production line operation in the global household industry.


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