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The New Updates of Long Arm Mattress Label Zigzag Sewing Machine

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Long arm mattress label sewing machine, also known as long arm label zigzag sewing machine, is mainly used for the sewing of mattress label on mattress bed. And it is one of the necessary models for mattress production. Up to now, Nanjing Square Mattress Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed four models of long arm mattress label sewing machine: Model JQ1, JQ2, JQ2A and JQ3 since year 2004. The sewing thickness of the machine has been continuously improved.

 JQ long arm mattress label zigzag sewing machine

        Due to the particularity of the mattress industry, the mattress label sewing machine should have a quite long arm. The first four models (Model JQ1, JQ2,JQ2A, JQ3)are usually made by cutting a conventional zigzag sewing machine head, and then welding the extension to achieve the long arm effect. Thanks to the continuous improvement of the production technique, the rigidity of the machine has been guaranteed so that it can meet the production requirements of mattress factories, but due to the inherent deficiency, the machine is always slightly insufficient in rigidity when sewing thick materials.


We have upgraded the long arm mattress label sewing machine this year.


      In order to overcome the above problem, our company launched the latest product Model JQ3A in the first half of this year (2018). The machine adopts the integral casting process, and the ribs are designed at the root of the machine head. The rigidity of the machine has been greatly improved. Even if having a people standing on it, it is still no problem at all, it can easily to sew very thick materials.






  What other optimizations have been made on this Model JQ3A long arm mattress label zigzag sewing machine?


      We added the drag wheel system to make feeding more smoother, especially for very thick material. Considering that the eccentric load received by drag wheel may affect the life of the cylinder, we also added a guide rod to withstand this torque, which greatly improved the service life of the cylinder.


      At present, the current Model JQ3A can sew 80mm thick material. It is greatly satisfied the demands of mattress factories who make high end mattresses.


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