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Thick material trademark sewing machine's dust cleaning can not be careless.

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The thick material trademark sewing machine can sew materials such as leather and mattresses. Due to the particularity of the sewing material, the machine's design is different from the ordinary trademark machine. The needle of the trademark sewing machine is relatively thick and penetrating, and the presser foot is higher than the general sewing machine, so the trademark sewing machine's wear out is also larger than the ordinary trademark machine.

   Square's trademark sewing machine, is also called mattress label sewing machine,  uses an electronic positioning motor with a microcomputer-controlled stepless speed regulation system, so the sewing speed can be adjusted freely within the rated range. In the parking state, the needle is always in the upper position. Moreover, the structure design is reasonable, the manufacturing is precise, the operation is stable, the noise is low, the feeding is reliable, the stitch length is stable, the seam is beautiful, and the various technical performances reach the level of the international similar products.


   In daily life, it is especially important for the maintenance and maintenance of heavy-duty trademark sewing machines, or heavy duty long arm mattress label sewing machine. After long-term use, the machine may accumulate dust. If it is not cleaned in time, it may cause the machine to overheat and reduce its efficiency. Therefore, dust cleaning cannot be neglected.

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