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To experience the old history of Xi Jin Ferry in Zhenjiang - Nanjing Square Culture tour

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Autumn, not as hot as the summer, unlike the cold winter is so cold, is a good season for travel. Nanjing square mattress machinery co. ltd. organized all her employees and their families to come to Zhenjiang Xi Jin Ferry to go sightseeing, to experience a different cultural journey, to experience a thousand years of historical heritage.

Nanjing square's tour to Xin Jing Ferry.png

Nanjing square mattress machinery 's culture tour to xi jin Ferry.png

Xi Jin ferry is an ancient ferry port before, and now it is the most well-preserved cultural relics which boasts of containing the most concentrated and most complete culture heritage in china.

xi jin Ferry.png

so we can see some of the remains left before. The most classic senic spot here is only one or two hundred meters long, where brought together Zhaoguan stone pagoda, Guanyin Cave, life-saving society and other relics, where you can experience the feeling of crossing time and space. "A Look at the Millennium",  this is a place every one must go when they are at Xi Jin Ferry, a small place to show the roads from the Qing Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty, the Song  and Qin Dynasty. The historical trace can be seen everywhere in this whole street.

Xi Jin Ferry road.png

Nanjing square team on the ancient road in Xi Jin Ferry.png

shaogua pagoda.jpg

 ancient ship.png

Guanyin Cave.png

A Look at the Millennium.png

Then we came to the waterfront scenery, we are following the deep traces of the Yangtze River in the reeds track.

following the trace of Yangtze river in hte reeds track.jpg

waterfront of Xi Jin Ferry.png

 In nearly one thousand years before, XiJin ferry was an important port crossed the Yangtze river. It is the main port connecting other provinces in china. 

People are wealthy because of the exchange of goods, ideas and services by this channel. now the world has become a glober village due to the fast development of internet.

our Nanjing square mattress factory people shall strive our best to use this channel to serve our customers, just like our ancestor forefathers utilize the Xi Jin Ferry port to make their life more brilliant and wealthy.

we are hoping for a more brilliant and more prosperous Nanjing square.

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