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Trouble shooting guide for Automatic Mattress tape edge machine

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A quick trouble shooting guide for automatic mattress tape edge machine helps you to indentify the problem for each machine maintanence worker. and all you to do is to learn the problem fixing techniques with our technician and apply your techniques in a proper way. or if you have the problem, Pls call us, we will be very glad to help it out.

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Skipping stitch

Broken line

Broken needle

Corner seam is not good

checking point 1

The upper and lower thread are too tight or too loose

The upper and lower thread are too tight or too loose

Improper operation

Operation method is incorrect

checking point 2

The distance between the upper needle and the lower crochet is too large

Upper needle and lower crochet are not smooth and have burrs

upper needle is blunt

The corner turning time is too early or too late

checking point 3

Upper needle bar height is high

Needle bar is high, crochet to needle center is late

needle punch into the feeding teeth

The pressure arm and the push plate are not uniform

checking point 4

The direction of the needle is wrong.

When the line is dialed, the line is just pinned to the line.

The needle is too close to the lower crochet

Push plate speed is too fast or too slow

checking point 5

The dial and thread is not in place

Needle plate, retaining wire hook and needle is too close

the dial needle and the upper needle clashes

Corner conveyor belt angle is not coordinated

checking point 6

Up and down feed teeth are not uniform

Up and down feed teeth are not correct or not smooth

Guard hook is too close to the needle

mattres is not in the right position after the cornering of the mattress


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