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What mattress equipment is needed to open a small mattress processing plant?

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Customers often come to ask: what equipment is needed to open a mattress processing plant ? 

As we know for manufacturers of different scales, the required automation level and machines are also different.

although for different materials, the mattress production line is also different, but the core principle of seting a mattress plant is not changed, no mattress whatever mattress it will produce. Today we will talk about what equipment is needed for small mattress manufacturers. Since the production scale of the mattress is relatively small, one or more sets of mattress tape edge machines are sufficient, and the specific quantity of required tape edge machine can be determined according to the output of the mattresses.

    The specific mattress machine which will be used for mattress processing:

    First of all, coir and sponge can be bought on the market, and then prepared the fabric . It is very simple to use the tape edge machine to tape edging it. There are many models of the mattress tape edging machine, and you can choose the model according to your specific budget and needs.

mattress tape edge machine


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