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With Model FB6 Tape edge machine, I have a cutting edge in the market

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With model FB6 tape edge machine, I have a cutting edge in the market:


Recently we received a letter from an entrepreneur who makes mattresses.

 “ I started my own small business since I bought FB6 tape edge machine. I am canvassing and promoting the business outside, while my wife stays at our front shop doing the sewing. People were amazing at the appearance and quality of the tape edge machine we used when they came to our showcase room to check the mattress. We buy most of materials from the market, we just combine and tape edges them.

Thanks to the advanced feature of FB6, we can tape edge sewing the mattress like a veteran.

This really frees me from production issue so that I can concentrate more on business!”

FB6 tape edge machine


You may think this is exaggerating. Actually, you can figure out it yourself based on below facts:


1.       FB6 tape edge machine is equipped with a precision guide track, the sewing carriage is moving smoothly and accurately with no vibration at all.

FB6 tape edge machine with precision guide trackFB6 tape edge machine with precision guide track 2

2.       The whole system adopts sensitive sensor control, auto slow-down at the corner, the operator can control the moving speed and sewing speed very easily, even a green hand can tape edge a mattress with a nice shape very easily.

FB6 tape edge machine with sensor control and auto slow-down at the corner

3.       It is fool-proof operation, people of all shapes and sizes can sew the mattress, no need the guys with the longest arms and legs to operate the tape-edge machine.

FB6 tape edge machine fool-proof operation panel

4.       FB6 can sew 50-500mm thick mattress, it is and ideal equipment for normal mattress or luxury mattress. It is one time investment and it saves your trouble of upgrading the machine in the future.

     mattress maded by FB6 tape edge machine

If you still doubt about the machine, send us mail. We will give you the nearest referral for you to check!


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