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after sale service in Airland mattress factory

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Airland is a renowned Mattress and Bedding brand founded in Hong Kong since 1966. through 50 years persistant efforts, it has a become a brilliant mattress brand among customers and its factory has become a worldwide OEM manufacturing shops for other mattress brands such as kingkoil and serta.


our two company, Airland and us, have more than 10 years business relationships. This time Airland mattress bought two more SKB double serging machines to meet their increased mattress production requirements.

SKB double serging machine

Airland mattress factory ,as a very matured mattress production base, values production efficiency more than anything else. and this time they want us to revamped the waste-collecting device by vacuum on the current double serging machine into the air blowing mode. upon receiving their request, we sent our technician to airland mattress factory in shengzhen for the service. we rebuild the waste collecting system on the double serging machine.

revamped double serging machine 

we also do the daily maintainence for their old machines. Thanks for the good quality of those machines, they are working very well in the mattress production. then I remember one sentence I saw when I was young, " if you are good, customers will keep you in business". That is true for today's senairo.  everything you do now will affect your future existence.

maintainence for old mattress machine



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