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Mattress border side stitching machine - tack and jump border stitching

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As per our customer's request, Nanjing square make the first mattress border side stitching machine for their factory. 

mattress border side stitching machine

This machine is using 4 sewing heads to jump tack the mattress border, makes the mattress look more luxury and up class. it can tack various pattern such as circle, rectangle, triangle, and etc.  and you can also customize your own pattern yourself.

jump tack stitching the mattress border

border tack sample

This machine use servo motor for the positioning on the mattress border, so you can easily to jump tack the border on every position, and it is also with thread break detector and auto thread cutting device, which make the machine fully automatic, and quite save labor.

fully automatic mattress border side stitching machine

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