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Automatic spring machine boot precautions - [Square] spring machinery

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What should be paid attention to before the automatic spring machine is turned on, if it is the new machine, you must read the instructions carefully, so that you can have an understanding of the machine.

   1. The automatic spring machine should be run once before operation to see if it can be installed smoothly and whether there is any abnormality. It is strictly forbidden to measure and touch the workpiece while the workpiece is rotating. The spring machine is not allowed to open the door of the electrical cabinet during normal operation. If the motor of the automatic spring machine is abnormally hot and the sound is abnormal, stop it immediately to avoid accidents.

   2. After the operation is completed, wipe the spring machine tool, clean the work site, disconnect the power supply, and do not arbitrarily change the parameters and operating procedures set by the manufacturer in the control system.


 Of course, before the spring machine is turned on, the operator must check all parts of the machine tool and wear the labor protection products according to the regulations, and do not wear slippers, sandals and high heels. Do not wear gloves, scarves and rings, necklaces and other accessories during the operation. Do not smoke, do not chat with others, and concentrate on the machine.

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