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Foam/Sponge Mattress Sock Closer Machine

This machine is mainly used for the edge-folding process of fire-proof sheath opening.
  • TZT1+ZKB1
  • square. sifang
  • TZT1+ZKB1

Main application and performance:

This machine is mainly used for the edge-folding process of fire-proof sheath opening. The machine is mainly composed of sponge pre-pressing device, fire-proof yarn sheath opening pressing device and automatic walking edge-folding device. The machine adopts a small mouth sewing machine with automatic thread cutting function, with automatic walking function and various pressing devices,which can make the sponge bed core more full and beautiful after sealing. improve the operability and efficiency of the process. 



Technical Data:

Model ZKB1+TZT1
Voltage 220V
Power 1.52 kw
Max overlock speed 16.7m/min
Max overlock width 2100 mm
Max transport speed 16.7 m/min
Max foam/sponge core spec. 2200X2000X400 mm















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