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How to improve the quality of mattress springs

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 With the reform and opening up, the domestic economy has developed rapidly. In the spring manufacturing industry, the utilization rate of mechanical springs is getting higher and higher, and widespread use has promoted the development of the spring market. High-quality mattress springs have become the common goal pursued by the market. So how do you improve the quality of mattress springs?


  Low temperature carbonitriding method

   The combination of tempering and low-temperature carbon-nitrogen osmosis can effectively improve the fatigue coefficient and corrosion resistance of the mattress spring. Therefore, this technology is mostly used in coil springs.

   Spring isothermal quenching method

   Spring products with a small diameter or permeability can be austempered, which only reduces the deformation and improves the resistance to travel. After the austempering, it is best to carry out a tempering treatment to enhance the elastic limit, and the tempering temperature is consistent with the austempering temperature.

   Shot peening method

   The shortcomings of the surface of the spring, such as scratches, folding or oxidative decarburization, often become the source of stress gathering and fatigue cracking during mattress spring operation. If the spring surface is sprayed at a high speed with a slender steel shot, not only the quality of the spring appearance but also the strength of the outward appearance can be improved, and the fatigue strength and the service life can be enhanced under the pressure state of the spring.

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