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How to operate the automatic S-shape spring bending machine

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Some customers bought an automatic S-shape spring bending machine, and they don't know how to use it. Although each of our machines comes standard operating instructions, I will briefly talk about how to operate the automatic S-sahpe spring bending machine in case that you lose the operatating instruction for the machine.

Pull the spring wire out of wire paying-off swift, pass the wire through the straightener roller on the upper left end of the automatic s shape bending machine, adjust the roller to the proper position, and straighten the wire.

   Pass the straightened steel wire through the middle of the two rollers of the upper frame and between the two forming wheels on the forming plate. The starting position of the forming plate should meet the requirements of the figure. When the wire is threaded, the crescent plate on the forming plate is concave to the left. . When the product specification changes need to replace the crescent plate, it should still be installed according to this position, the direction can not be changed, and the position has been adjusted and determined at the factory.

   The formation of the spring is the result of the reciprocal rotation of the forming disk, the swinging of the pendulum and the left and right, up and down reciprocating motion of the forming pin. Therefore, in the actual operation process, the related parts and the relationship between them should be adjusted according to the diameter, the rigidity, the amount of rebound, and the forming condition of the spring wire.

S shape spring forming machine

 After the adjustment is completed, the steel wire can be put on the trial spring. The prepared spring is inspected as required, and the machine is further adjusted and trial-produced until it meets the requirements. After the formed spring can smoothly pass through the Y-shaped plate, the "work" button can be pressed to perform continuous spring.

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