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How to solve the problem that the automatic sofa spring machine does not return to zero position - [Square] teaches you

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The automatic sofa spring machine must be zeroed before use. If there is a problem of abnormal zeroing, don't be panic. Spring machinery manufacturer Square will help you analyze the reasons and teach you the solution.

    The reasons why the automatic spring machine's camshaft does not return to zero properly are as follows:

    1. The sensor switch is broken, always bright or often not lit.

    2. The position of the sensor switch is too far away and the signal is not sensed.

    3. The position of the sensor switch is too close, causing the switch to stay on.



    1. If it is judged that the automatic spring machine switch is broken, replace the sensor switch.

    2. Reinstall the sensor switch by rotating the camshaft of the automatic spring machine to the high position of the screw, and then loading the sensor switch. After hitting the screw position, the switch can be reversed by 2 wires.

Don't worry if you have a problem, just do it according to the above. Square can also provide free installation and commissioning services, and the opportunity to cooperate with each other can achieve long-term win-win situation.

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