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Mattress tape edge machine manufacturing craft is the guarantee for a perfect delivery to our customers

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Our mattress tape edge machine will never missed the boat.


Each mattress tape edge machine manufacturing process will be monitored and checked during the production process.  

We have about 20 experienced technician to manufacturing and assemble the machines at each stage of production.

Each belt is conducting forward and backward running for one hour to ensure that there is no slight deviation of the belt. so that the mattress taping process can be carried out perfectly,

 mattress tape edge machine belt forward and backward testing

In order to ensure the beautiful stitch on mattress tape, no matter at the corner or mattress top, each sewing head should be installed vertically. For each mattress tape edge machine from our factory, we will use horizontal level instrument to check the position of the sewing head to guarantee all the sewing head is placed vertically.

vertical checking instrument for mattress tape edge machine sewing head 

Final inspection is really something! Our inspectors run each machine (to sew a mattress ) to see if the the machine works properly and nicely

final checking mattress tape edge machine sewing a mattress 

All the preoccupation with detail means that square mattress machine last longer and require less maintenance. 

we are here to guarantee each benefits which our customers can get from our mattress tape edge machines.

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