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Nanjing Square After sale service in Oman

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Our Oman customers bought our mattress machines at the end of year 2017, but they needs a thorough training and after sales serive of these machines.

when we received their request, we arranged our best technicain to go to Oman for the service.

Oman customer with our technicianOman-customer-with-our-technician.jpg

our customer is a large mattress producer in Oman .they produce very good mattresses. this time they are expanding their production capacity, they bought 

several sets of our Model FB5 automatic tape edge machines, Model CFF2 pillow top machines as well as Model CTF4  mattress border tape sewing machines.


Our technician teach them how to use the auto-flipping tape edge machine


after the guidance, they use the machine to make a very good mattress.


Nanjing Square mattress machinery co., Ltd has been in the mattress machinery field for 28 years. By interacting with customers, Nanjing square can meet the diverse needs of customers, make every penny they spend on the machine worthwhile.

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