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Our “plug and play” mattress border marking and cutting machine redefine the automation of mattress machine.

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Our “plug and play” mattress marking and cutting machine redefine the automation of mattress machine.




What is a good mattress machine?


Someone says“The fully automatic one, as they have a high productivity and quite save labor”.

Other says” we know the fully automatic one is good, but that is not everyone can afford it. They are quite expansive, and if they have problem, we have to got an expert to fix it”.


The absolute answer to this question: the one which are the most suitable to you is the best machine.



with the fast development of human technology, people in every country strives to use it to improve their work and life. Our newly developed mattress marking and cutting machine is quite extensible, compatible, and plug and play. It can connect with Model SKB double serging machine, or Model WKH2 mattress border quilting machine to measure, mark and cut the mattress border for you automatically, it is a perfect alternative to the traditional manual measurement, cutting, marking and other cumbersome steps to achieve an efficient mattress production.



If you are wealthy, you can buy the whole mattress border production system, if not, you can buy a single device- mattress marking and cutting machine to connect it to your existing machine to increase the automation of your existing machine.

we, Nanjing square, persistance in improve our mattress machine in all our life.

if you are interested, Pls feel free to contact us for more info. 

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