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Still mlily mattress, still about mattress machine

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Still mlily mattress, still about mattress machine


Mlily is the most renown mattress brands among china, while her company is the rising star in the mattress industry.  


With the recent fast development, they have many mattress production bases abroad. And they are probably the most aggressive conqueror in the mattress industry in the world.



They customized their own highly automated mattress sewing production line. We are honoured to be taken part in this by providing our different types of mattress machine to their production system.



when they heard that we have our newly plug and play mattress border marking and cutting machine, they decide to take several sets to improve their production efficiency as well as their automation grade.




According to our technician, so far the machine works well, and it saves the trouble of the workers marking the sewing position of mattress handle on their mattress borders as well as cutting the border for each mattresses.



Will you have a try?


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