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WKH2 Mattress Border Quilting Machine in India

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India is the world's second largest population country, with rich cultural heritage and tourism resources. India is one of today's BRICS countries and one of the fastest growing countries in the world.


As the fastest growing economy in the world, we are all well known about India’s success in Information technology. But india also has the largest number people below poverty. And they lack light industrial products and tools to help them change their lives and build their homes.


In order to grasp the new emerging big market, Ikea will debut in India next year, with one store each in Hyderabad and Maharashtra: Ikea’s larger roll-out plan includes setting up 25 stores in the country by 2025, As per the economic times.


Jawandsons,  the Top rated manufacturers and exporters for Fleece Blankets in all categories, Knitted Throws of all kinds, Knee Warmers, caps, gloves, Ladies bags, Throws, Stoles, Huds etc are currently working for IKEA and has been the Top ranked Supplier for IKEA. 



This is the first time Jawandsons and Nanjing square had the business cooperation. Although we already had a complete mattress machine solution for Ikea mattress, such as mattress handle sewing machine, mattress handle tacking machine, and mattress zipper sewing machine……etc, it is maily for Europe, south east asia, and chinese deomestic mattress factories. But for india market, it will be a little tough, as its quality will be good and its price will be cheap.


Nanjing square is consistently working for providing the goods quality machine as well as its cheap price to all sorts of mattress factories. The WKH2 mattress border quilting machine is Nanjing square self-designed, to use chinese sewing head in stead of imported sewing head, to make the machine more affordable by small and medium sized mattress factory. We believe technology is everything, and we use our own experience and expertise to remake the sewing head so that it has the same functionality with the imported sewing head.



Below is the vedio you can see how well it works in india:






We consistently seek to improve the making of mattresses through better machines.

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