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mattress border machine

Knowing that you are interested in mattress border machine, we have listed articles on similar topics on the website for your convenience. As a professional manufacturer, we hope that this news can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please feel free to contact us.
  • Small multi-needle mattress border quilting machine saving your labor 80%

    multi needle mattress border quilting machine has up to 65 needles with a span of 406.4mm, and the sewing range is greatly wider than that of the conventional multi-needle machine. With the receiving and discharging racks and the flexible guiding device, a variety of pattern mattress border can be sewed.

  • How to maintain multi-needle mattress border quilting machine in summer

    The weather is gradually heating up, and many manufacturers choose to cooperate with machines and labor. However, due to the lack of use of too many needle quilting machines, the results were not as effective as expected, So Regular maintenance, regular cleaning of the

  • Automatic Mattress border making/cutting machine

    Automatic mattress border making/cutting machine makes your mattress border automatically, it has the function of double side overlocking for the mattress border, and cut it at designate length, Plus mattress handle position marking at the same time. it has a high productivity and save you a lot of

  • Mattress border machine plus

    Mattress border machine plus let you have more leverage on the fashionable mattress border.for more info, Pls see below:

  • [Company News] WKH2 Mattress Border Quilting Machine in India

    India as the fastest growing economy in the world is demanding good quality and while cheap price machine. Nanjing square through technology innovation fully meet their demands.

  • [Company News] 2017.5 Koelnmesse Interzum In Germany

    2017.5 Koelnmesse Interzum In Germany

  • [Industry News] A mattress maker with SKB double serging machine

    A mattress maker with SKB double serging machine Mattress makers are beginning to realize that it is ridiculous to make everything nice on the mattress and then spoil the effect by with the mattress border un-overlocked. With an un-flanged mattress border, it is not easy for a tape edger to tape ed

  • Still mlily mattress, still about mattress machine

    Still mlily mattress, still about mattress machineMlily is the most renown mattress brands among china, while her company is the rising star in the mattress industry. With the recent fast development, they have many mattress production bases abroad. And they are probably the most aggressive conque

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